We know that as a professional hair stylist your first priority is providing your clients with quality hair care, and that you seek out the finest hair care products to continually provide that standard of excellence to them. At Vonté, we are dedicated to producing the finest quality hair care products available for use in salons today, and the extensive variety of products we offer will meet the requirements for all your clients’ hair care needs. Vonté top-selling shampoos, like Silk Plus Purifier and BioCleanse Purifier, contain pure natural botanicals like cherry bark, calendula, and chamomile with almond and jojoba oils, that effectively clean, nourish and moisturize the hair cuticle and scalp for optimal healthy balance. Vonté Flake Free Moisturizer Shampoo works fast to treat dandruff and rehydrate the scalp. Vonté conditioners are formulated for all hair types and special needs. Silk Plus BioForté Leave-In Conditioner is a light, all round conditioner made from botanicals and vitamins, while Moisture Mint Energizing Scalp Conditioner treats and rejuvenates the scalp and hair right at the root. For extra damaged hair, we recommend Moisture Plus Revitalizer to take hair from frizzled to fabulous! All Vonté hairsprays are enhanced with botanicals, are alcohol-free and non-oily, and we add cuticle sealers and sunscreen. Silk Radiance Spray is perfect for brilliant shine, Silk Plus Spray for light hold, shine and moisturizing effects and Silk Control Holding Spray for extra strong hold for styling. Styling tools for special effects are essential to any professional stylist. Grip is a hold and shine tool for curls, spiked hair, texturing, and holding edges. Feel the Difference Relaxer is a hair straightener that produces a silky, mirror-like finish. Silk Radiance Cuticle Sealant locks nutrients and moisture into the hair cuticle for strength, polish and shine, while Bold Hold, Vonté Styling Wax, Edge Effects and Silk Effects Blue give maximum hold, hold braids and keep clean edges for hard-to-manage and black hair. Today’s off-beat, creative hairstyles demand some equally creative hair products, and Vonté has all the tools you need for professional results!

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