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  Vonté Products is rapidly moving up, adding more products, personnel and innovative marketing year after year. Our strong sales are growing revenue at a rapid pace. Our customer base continues to expand through the nation. More relationships are being established with influential personalities in the entertainment industry. Vonté was featured in Black Hairstyles & Trends November 2004 issue. Here’s what three popular TV personality had to say about SILK EFFECTS.
Monique of “The Parkers”
BH&T: “Off set and away from hot lights and constant hairstyle changes, how do you care for your hair?” M: “Normally, I pull my hair back into a bun. I don't even stress my hair at all. And, I use this stuff...it’s like magic. Women always say to me, ‘How do you get your hair
pulled so tight?’ It looks like somebody straightened my hair and put wax on it...that’s Silk Effects by Vonté.
Girl, it’s like glue, but it’s hair grease! It is not a gel.
It has made my hair so healthy and so strong.”
Jill Jones of “GIRLFRIENDS”
BH&T: “What are some of your favorite hair products?” J: “Vonte is number one. 
It is kind of a pomade It is a perm in a jar.
Golden Brooks of “GIRLFRIENDS”
BH&T: “What are some of your favorite hair products?” G: “I found this new product called Vonte That stuff is like
perm in a jar! I actually turn Jill on to it.
It is this blue gel. I Just slick it down.”
VONTE HAIR AT THE MOVIES held October 13 at Magic Johnson's Theater
Vonte Products is promotional sponsor for
Monique's new movie HAIR SHOW.

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